Elaphe Applies Its In-Wheel Propulsion Systems to Growing Roster of EV Platforms 

Slovenian in-wheel propulsion developer Elaphe, a designer of innovative electromagnetic topologies for pushing the limits of power density, is working on several projects designed to bring new levels of performance to the EV market. A major project involves its joint venture with power electronics specialist McLaren Applied targeting automotive applications, other are its work to develop a 350-watt gearless hub motor for electric scooters and manufacturing its systems for solar EV company, Aptera.  […]


ABB Propulsion System to Power Innovative New Vessels 

Created nearly 30 years ago but continually refined with new models and iterations, ABB’s Azipod propulsion systems have recently been ordered to power two entirely different types of innovative vessels. One is a technically advanced jack-up vessel for installing offshore wind farms, the other for Ritz-Carlton’s new line of luxury mega-yachts.  […]

Fuel Cell / Hydrogen

First 100%-Hydrogen Train Route Caps Partner-Rich H2 & Fuel Cell Buildout by Alstom 

Only days before the beginning of September, a rite of passage occurred on the rail tracks of Lower Saxony, Germany when the Coradia iLint reached a historical milestone as it began use on the world premiere 100% hydrogen train route in passenger operation. The fuel-cell powered regional train emits only only steam and condensed water while operating with a low level of noise. Engineered and built by Alstom, it highlights a remarkable series of steps that the company has made recently in hydrogen and fuel cell development for e-mobility — much of the activity derived from its acquisition of fuel cell manufacturer Helion Hydrogen Power in 2021. […]