An Annual Resource Guide for the Design, Manufacture & Integration of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology

About: An annual magazine-style publication focused on solutions in fuel cell and hydrogen technology

Target Audience: There are three main segments of the target audience, all worldwide in scope:

  1. OEM engineering and R&D decision-makers involved in the development and manufacture of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies, and integration into products and services for stationary power and e-mobility such as automobiles, buses, trucks, marine, rail and aviation, industrial applications, defense and transportation. (Approximately 70,000)
  2. End-Users comprised of technical and operational professionals with organizations that implement fuel cell and hydrogen technologies into their operations to achieve safe, green and sustainable capabilities in markets such as utilities, manufacturing, government, military, transportation, energy/power, facilities and other high-volume power and fuel users. (Approximately 76,000)
  3. Investment & Analyst community including public and private investment organizations that support fuel cell and hydrogen technology; capital market investment professionals who seek stakes in emerging companies and project finance; market analysts and media. (Approximately 4,000)

Distribution & Demographics: The guide will publish via a global, digital distribution of 150,000+ copies thus providing powerful exposure to the marketplace worldwide. Beyond its initial distribution, the guide will have a full-year’s continuing distribution and pro­motion through online accessibility and to attendees at key trade shows worldwide. Geographic distribution is approximately 35% Europe; 40% Americas; 20% Asia; 5% Other.

Markets: Fuel Cell & Hydrogen industries,Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Military/Defense, Marine, Rail, Energy/Power/Fuel industries, Industrial, Manufacturing, Transportation, Facilities, Government.

Who Should Advertise: Suppliers of products and systems, components, engineering and integration services and supplies for fuel cell power systems and hydrogen resources.

Benefits to Participants:

  • Reach a large, highly-targeted worldwide audience.
  • Reach all market segments for fuel cell and hydrogen technologies with a single purchase.
  • Exposure in a powerful mix of print and online distribution that reaches the target audience at work and while mobile (digital versions are high-quality mobile-friendly).
  • Participants are featured and showcased in the editorial content of the guide, and benefit from its solutions-oriented, sourcing impact.
  • Powerful lead generation: Your ad, profile and custom content are hot-linked directly to your website for immediate, direct response. You control all follow-up and contact.

Content: To ensure the highest level of readership and distribution, the publication will include a mix of technical and market articles, application profiles, and vendor product and service information. There are three principal compo­nents to the guide:

  • Technology Review and Market Outlook articles written by leading industry professionals, analysts and staff editors.
  • Advertisements.

Vendor Showcase articles – as a participating vendor, you receive space to include your own editorial content such as a company profile, guest technical article, application profile, white paper, product announcement or description about your company’s products and services.

Publish Date: June 1, 2023

Space Close: April 15, 2023

Materials Deadline: May 1, 2023

Format: 8.5” x 11” full-color, high-quality magazine style, 32-40 pages.

About Us:

From the e-Power Technology media brand of Webcom Communications Corp. Webcom is the founder and publisher of the original, former Fuel Cell magazine and producer of the Advancements in Fuel Cells former conference series, as well as other media brands serving energy and power markets for more than 30 years.

Please contact Scott Webster at 917-445-6122 for more information and to submit your supporting materials. Note: “Buy Now” prices are advance discount rates that expire March 31, 2023.


You have several options for participating in the Report:

Gold Level: Full-Page Display Advertisement/Content Package — $5,050 – Buy Now for $4,040!

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Silver Level: Half-Page Display Advertisement/Content Package — $3,525 – Buy Now for $2,820!

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Premier Level: Quarter-Page Display Advertisement/Content Package — $2,475 – Buy Now for $1,980!

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