PlugPower Stacks up Green Hydrogen Deals Across Europe & North America 

Embarked on a mission to build green hydrogen highways across Europe and North America, fuel cell and hydrogen provider PlugPower is rapidly stacking up significant orders in pursuit of its goals. Recent contracts include:

a large-scale green hydrogen plant at the Port of Antwerp-Bruges in Belgium.

a giant 1-gigawatt electrolyzer in Denmark for hydrogen company H2 Energy Europe that is the largest capacity electrolyzer installation in the world yet and will be powered from offshore wind turbines.

a 5-megawatt containerized proton exchange membrane electrolyzer system to energy company Irving Oil for the production and distribution of hydrogen at its Saint John, New Brunswick refinery, the largest in Canada.

an agreement with Walmart to for an option to deliver up to 20 tons per day of liquid green hydrogen to power material handling lift trucks across Walmart distribution and fulfillment centers in the U.S.

an agreement with chemicals company Olin, North America’s largest producer of electrolytic hydrogen, to create a joint venture to produce and market green hydrogen to support growing fuel cell demand. […]