Success of Energy-Efficient Industrial Motor Leads to Expansion at Advantech  

Like other industrial electric motors, Adventech’s MaxEff motor features an induction motor circuit. Unlike traditional models, however, it has a built-in, all-in-one induction generator circuit that is designed to use the same magnetic field, rotor, and stator to produce more shaft power. With an expansion of its manufacturing facility at Florence, Alabama and new sales initiatives, now the company is aiming to serve more segments of the electric motor market. 

The Maxeff circuit compensates the grid that feeds it, eliminating wasted energy that can occur with standard induction motors. Where a standard motor would require a 200 kVA generator to start, a comparable Maxeff will start on a 100 kVA generator. 

The motor circuit is directly connected to power and the generator circuit is 1800 phase out. When the motor is connected direct online, the motoring circuits come into action which draws a lower current since it utilizes only 2/3rd of the winding, limiting higher inrush current. Once the generator circuit is excited, the motor comes into a full circuit. At that point, the motor’s speed is increased which does not demand a high Inrush current and still has higher locked rotor current. 

Adventech reports that the motor has undergone extensive third-party testing which confirms the performance and validates the data that indicated that the MaxEff motor not only generated leading inductive power, but also had higher torque and RPM’s than conventional motors, all while operating at a power factor of 1. 

It couples the motor with its Adventview remote monitoring system and MaxDrive variable frequency drive system for maximizing energy-efficient operation. The remote monitoring system provides vibration, temperature and power consumption data directly to a smart device. The drive system operates as any other variable frequency drive but additionally can return power from the MaxEff motor back to the facility grid. 

In January 2022, the company announced a multi-million-dollar investment to expand and scale its facility in Florence, Alabama due to increasing demand for the MaxEff motor and related products. The 55,000 sq ft plant was opened in 2019. “Adventech’s demand from the market over the last 24 months has been remarkable,” said CEO Ron Ballman. “Adventech is committed to be the leading solutions provider in all segments of the electric motor market. In March 2022, he announced that the company was developing an EV version of the MaxEff.