Orbex Introduces Line of Flat, Brushless DC Motors

The Orbex Group, a manufacturer of electric motors and slip rings, has introduced a new line of flat brushless DC motors. Available with or without encoders, the motors are useful for applications that require high-torque density and have space limitations including robotics, packaging, security, medical and more. 

The motors feature a range of sizes, voltages, and speeds to give the best performance in space-limited installations. Motor diameters range from 43 to 90 millimeters and lengths range from 9 to 38 millimeters to give many options for efficient use in compact spaces. Available power levels span from 12 to 220 watts with winding options for different supply voltages. The motors utilize high pole count outer rotating rotor designs with high energy GPM 12H NeFB magnets. The increased rotor diameter and high flux magnets optimize torque output in a compact package.  

Since 2007, the Orbex Group has produced high-performance slip rings and electric motors for a range of OEM application including industrial automation, semiconductor, packaging, medical manufacturing, telecommunications and more. Located in Austin, Texas, their off-the-shelf and custom-engineered products include miniature capsule slip rings, through hole slip rings, DC-coreless electric motors, brushless electric motors, and electric servo motors. For more info, visit www.orbexgroup.com